Nov 13

Missouri’s Battle Against Human Trafficking

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – It’s all around us, even though we usually don’t see it.

Human Trafficking takes several different forms. It can be forced sex work, it can be forced labor in farm fields or in nail salons or in motels.

Missouri has a task force that’s wrapping up work on human trafficking.

State Sen. Gina Walsh is part of that task force and she updates us on what they’ve done, what they are doing and the recommendations they will make to the State Legislature in 2017.

Christine McDonald survived being a trafficking victim. Seventeen years of her life were stolen while she was forced into sex work. Now she works to rescue others from “the life”.

She has advice on how to spot possible victims, traffickers and on how to protect your loved ones.

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State Senator Gina Walsh

Christine McDonald



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Nov 11

Growing Missouri’s Economy in 2017

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – The elections are now over and the State Legislature will officially get back to work in January.

When it comes to jobs and economic opportunity, what should be the policy priorities and how can our communities set themselves apart when competing for jobs, tourism and other economic development?

The Show Me Institute’s Wendell Cox* and Brad Jones from Missouri’s chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business offer their perspectives.

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Show Me Institute

NFIB Missouri


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Nov 11

Election 2016, Meet the Candidates: Russ Carnahan (D) for Lt. Gov & Eric Schmitt (R) for Treasurer

This program aired prior to the election. Former Congressman Russ Carnahan talks about his campaign for Lt. Governor and State Sen. Eric Schmitt (R) discusses his race for State Treasurer.

Carnahan lost and Schmitt won.

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Oct 23

The Cost of Justice: Public Defenders and Legal Reforms

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – Few topics bring out raw emotions like those related to law enforcement, our court system and criminal law right now.

This week, Missouri’s State Public Defender, Michael Barrett, discusses his effort to require Gov. Jay Nixon to represent an indigent legal client. That became headline news around the state and put a spotlight on the level of funding the Public Defender’s offices receive.

Barrett also describes other challenges his team faces while representing those who cannot afford to represent themselves in court.

Also, the efforts to reform Missouri’s criminal laws and law enforcement processes are not over. State Rep. Shamed Dogan provides an update on those discussions that will be a part of the 2017 Legislative Session.

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Missouri State Public Defender

Rep. Shamed Dogan


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Oct 16

Campaign 2016: Judy Baker (D) for Treasurer and Josh Hawley (R) for Attorney General

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – Election day is now just weeks away and the candidates are shaking as many hands as possible and visiting as many communities as possible.

This week, two of them visit with us to discuss the issues the offices they hope to hold impact.

Former State Representative Judy Baker (D) wants to be your next State Treasurer.

She explains how, if elected, she would manage the tax dollars you pay and the priorities she would set when running the office.

Josh Hawley (R) is running for Attorney General. He’s best known for his work on religious liberty issues.

He discusses how he would manage the office if elected and how he would work with other state officials.

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Judy Baker for State Treasurer

Josh Hawley for Attorney General


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Oct 09

ID Scams That Target Young Missourians and Robocall Scams

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – We’ve all heard about the scams that target people during the holiday season but there’s also a threat to your personal information before then.

Being younger and tech-savvy isn’t always a defense, either.

Chris Thetford from the Better Business Bureau’s St. Louis office says college students are increasingly the target of crooks. He’s got the details on what the scams look like, the damage they can do and how to protect yourself and your college student. The advice is also good information for high school students.

Also, for the most part, we hate them. “Robocalls” are sometimes done for marketing reasons, sometimes for debt collections and sometimes for legitimate daily business reasons.

John Sondag from AT&T Missouri* tells us how to sort the legitimate from the scams and what to do about unwanted “robocalls”.

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Better Business Bureau



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