Jul 18

Meet the Candidates: Teresa Hensley (D) for Atty Gen & Will Kraus (R) for Sec of State

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Joseph, MO) – We continue our conversations with the candidates who want your support in our statewide races.

Teresa Hensley is a former Cass County Prosecuting Attorney and Raymore Alderman who hopes to be our next Attorney General. She’s asking for your support in the Democratic primary race.

Will Kraus is an Army veteran, former State Representative and currently serves in the State Senate. He’s a Republican running for Secretary of State.

The Primary Elections are August 2nd.

A special thank you goes to KNPN FOX 26 and The St. Joseph News-Press for allowing us to record this week’s show in their newsroom.

On the web:

Teresa Hensley

Will Kraus

Secretary of State’s Election Page

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Jun 05

Renewable Energy and Broadband: Technology That’s Impacting Missouri

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – As technology improves, the way we live changes.

And those changes are happening faster than ever before.

This week, Caleb Arthur from the Missouri Solar Energy Industries Association discusses how changes to solar technology is impacting the availability of renewable energy to Missourians.

Also, AT&T Missouri’s John Sondag* updates us on improvements in broadband technology and access. He explains how this impacts just about every part of our lives, including education, public safety, health care, business opportunity and entertainment.

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Missouri Solar Energy Industries Association


Caleb ArthurJohn Sondag

 * AT&T Missouri is a sponsor of “Missouri Viewpoints”

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May 22

Campaign 2016: Gubernatorial Candidates Eric Morrison (D) and John Brunner (R)

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – Anyone who follows the news in our state is aware that Republicans have a four-way race for their nomination in the race for Governor.

Even Democrats might be surprised to hear that they have more than one choice in that race on Primary Election day. While Attorney General Chris Koster is considered the all-but-certain nominee by the media, political activists and insiders, Eric Morrison wants voters to learn about him before making a final decision for their ballot.

Morrison is a pastor and activist in Kansas City. He’s among the candidates aligning with Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in Democratic politics.

This week, he makes his case for his campaign to Democratic voters.

John Brunner is in a tough four-way contest for the GOP nomination for Governor. The former Marine and retired manufacturing CEO explains his viewpoints and vision for the state if he’s elected.

On the web:

Eric Morrison

John Brunner 

Eric MorrisonJohn Brunner

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May 20

Legal Resources for Low Income Missourians and for Crime Victims

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – Many low income Missourians think they have no help available when they face financial challenges that lead to other problems.

The eviction process is one example. In some situations, the help of a lawyer can be the difference between being allowed to stay in a home and having nowhere to call “home”. Lee Camp is an attorney with Legal Services of Eastern Missouri, one of the legal aid offices in the state. He provides details on some of the resources available to low income Missourians, why they are offered and the impact it has on everyone.

Also, Kim Case has made the journey from victim of a violent crime to advocate for today’s victims. She’s part of the Missouri Sheriffs Association’s team of advocated for crime victims.

She explains what they do, how it helps those affected by crime and why it’s an important part of the justice process in Missouri.

On the web:

Missouri’s Legal Aid offices:

Legal Services of Eastern Missouri

Legal Services of Southern Missouri

Legal Aid of Western Missouri

Mid Missouri Legal Services

Missouri Sheriffs Association

Kim Case


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May 08

Campaign Conversaions 2016: Cori Bush for US Senate and Catherine Hanaway for Governor

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – August 2nd is another important day for Missouri, at least in terms of politics.

That’s the Primary Election day for statewide offices (and many others).

This week, self-described “Sanders Democrat” Cori Bush explains why she’s running for the US Senate in a race where she’s considered a long-shot to win. She describes the impact she hopes to have and her goals if elected.

Also, former Speaker of the Missouri House Catherine Hanaway is in a tough, four-way race for the Republican nomination for governor. She makes her case for the nomination and talks about both her stands on the issues in the headlines right now and what she hopes to accomplish if elected Governor.

On the web:

Cori Bush for US Senate

Catherine Hanaway for Governor

Cori Bush Catherine Hanaway

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May 08

Conservation and Environmental Concerns in Missouri

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – Not all conversations about conservation and the environment are political but politics certainly affects those discussions.

This week, David Stokes from the Great Rivers Habitat Alliance and Heather Navarro from the Missouri Coalition for the Environment each address various debates and concerns affecting the environment in Missouri.

Stokes addresses concerns about what his organization feels is ill-advised development in areas that could have a big impact on both natural resources and the economy.

Navarro updates us on the state issues they are lobbying for (and against) this legislative session.

On the web:

Great Rivers Habitat Alliance

Missouri Coalition for the Environment

MOVP David StokesMOVP Heather Navarro

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