Oct 11

The Impact of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan on Missouri

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – Will you breathe easier if new regulations make your electric bill go up?

The US Environmental Protection Agency is moving forward with increased regulations on power plant emissions. The “Clean Power Plan” is designed to reduce those emissions from US power plants over the next fifteen years and beyond.

Missouri is now on of the states challenging those rules.*

This week, we get two different perspectives on the impact of the Clean Power Plan on Missouri.

Ray McCarty is the President of Associated Industries of Missouri. He believes the regulations are misguided, will harm Missouri’s (and America’s) economy and will result in very little change to the environment.

Heather Navarro is the Executive Director of the Missouri Coalition for the Environment. She believes the regulations are a step in the right direction and will, eventually, benefit the economy as well as the environment.

On the web:

Associated Industries of Missouri

Missouri Coalition for the Environment

  • Attorney General Chris Koster’s decision to join the challenge to the Clean Power Plan regulations was announced after these interviews were recorded.



Above: This week’s guests, Ray McCarty and Heather Navarro


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Oct 04

Meet the Candidates: The Race for Missouri Lt. Governor

by Mike Ferguson


(St. Charles, MO) – In less than a year, Missouri voters will decide which candidates advance from the primary elections and into the general election. In just over a year, we’ll decide who our next leaders will be in Jefferson City.

This week, we hear from two of the candidates running for Lieutenant Governor.

That office is being vacated by Peter Kinder, who is now among the Republicans running for Governor.

Republican Bev Randles is a well known political activist in Missouri. Until recently, she was the chair of Missouri Club for Growth, a conservative advocacy group. She’s now an attorney from Kansas City. Randles grew up in Sikeston.

She discusses her vision for Missouri, including her support for “Right To Work” legislation, legal reforms that she believes will lessen the number of frivolous lawsuits, education reforms and what she wants the Republican Party to do better when it comes to reaching out to minority voters.

Randles is in a primary race against State Senator Mike Parson.

We also hear from State Representative Tommie Pierson. He’s running for the state’s second-highest ranking job on the Democratic ticket. In addition to his time in the State Legislature, Pierson’s political experience includes serving on the Riverview Gardens School Board. Pierson is also the pastor of the Greater St. Mark Family Church.

He also views education as a critical part of Missouri’s economic growth and explains what changes he hopes will be made to education policy and funding.

Pierson wants to see some changes made to the state’s tax credit process as well.

Rep. Pierson is in a primary race against attorney and doctor, Brad Bradshaw.

On the web:

Bev Randles for Lt. Governor (below left)

Rep. Tommie Pierson for Lt. Governor (below right)

10505434_372684486241098_292313603008188759_nTommie Pierson CROPPED

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Sep 27

Faith, Freedom, LGBT Rights and Our Changing Culture

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – The laws are changing, the court decisions are being handed down, the school board policy changes are shifting and the spotlight in the media is refocusing in favor of LGBT rights in Missouri and across the nation.

And it’s all happening fast. From the US Supreme Court’s landmark ruling on same-sex marriage to laws that require business owners to provide goods and services for events (like same sex weddings) even if they want to decline to a Missouri teenager’s insistence that, despite being a biological male, he be permitted to shower and change in the girls’ locker room as part of being transgender.

Is it all a sprint away from the values that have been a successful bedrock of our society for generations or is it a race toward progress?

This week, we get two very different perspectives on that question.

The Eagle Forum is one of America’s most established and influential conservative organizations. Their president, Ed Martin, explains why he thinks the redefinition of what is an ideal family situation is bad for the country.

Sean Nicholson is the executive director or Progress Missouri, one of the Show Me State’s most active and influential liberal groups. He sees the legal and cultural changes as evidence of a more accepting, tolerant society that is moving in the correct direction.

On the web:

Eagle Forum

Progress Missouri

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Sep 20

Confederate Flags, Race and Politics in Missouri

by Mike Ferguson

(Springfield, MO) – In the past year, racial tensions and violence have had an impact both in Missouri and across the nation.

Some of that conflict has centered around the display of what’s commonly called “the Confederate Flag” – the stars and bars design that was a Confederate battle flag during the Civil War. From it’s famous display atop the General Lee car in the “Dukes of Hazzard” to it’s position on public grounds like state capitols and cemeteries, the flag has come under more intense scrutiny in recent months.

Is it simply an homage to history and southern culture in the United States or is it an offensive display of racism?

This week, Darryl Maples from the Missouri Branch of the Sons of Confederate Veterans discusses the conflicts surrounding the flag and what he believes it should mean to everyone. He also addresses the use of the flag by white supremacist groups.

State Representative Eric Burlison (R) is also a guest on the program. He talks about some of the changes to Missouri law that have come in response to the outbreak of protests and violence in Ferguson. He also discusses how lawmakers can work to deal with proposals that can put the interests of urban and rural communities in conflict.

Burlison, in the interview recorded prior to the annual legislative veto session, also explains his continued support for so-called “Right To Work” legislation in Missouri, which was passed by the Legislature this year. Governor Nixon’s veto of that bill survived an override challenge earlier this month.

A special thanks goes to FOX 5 KRBK in Springfield for hosting this week’s program.

On the Web:

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Eric Burlison

Note: A representative of the Springfield NAACP was scheduled to be on this week’s program to discuss the controversies related to the display and use of the Confederate battle flag as well but cancelled that appearance shortly before our production date.

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Sep 06

Looking Ahead To Missouri’s Veto Session and the 2016 Campaign

by Mike Ferguson

(Springfield, MO) – We are less than two weeks away from the Missouri Legislature’s annual veto session. The big question in Show Me State politics is whether or not Republicans will try to override Governor Nixon’s veto of the “Right To Work” bill.MWSnap123

This week, State Senator Bob Dixon (R) and State Rep. Charlie Norr (D) give their thoughts on that and on some of the other issues up for debate both this month in the veto session and next year when the Legislature convenes again for another round of lawmaking.

Dixon makes the case for an override of another veto: this time of a bill he pushed that would add some court fees to help maintain judicial buildings in the state.

Norr explains why he hopes the state will expand Medicaid coverage as part of the Affordable Care Act, commonly called “ObamaCare”.

Both lawmakers look ahead to the 2016 election cycle as well. Dixon is running for Governor in a crowded GOP field of candidates. While he has kind words for his opponents, he explains why he feels he should be the nominee in the general election. At this point, the only announced candidate for governor for the Democrats is Attorney General Chris Koster.MWSnap125

Rep. Norr, despite recent election trends that saw Republicans making gains in the Legislature, believes Democrats can win back some seats this time around.

On the web:

State Senator Bob Dixon

State Rep. Charlie Norr

A special thanks, once again, goes to FOX 5 KRBK for hosting “Missouri Viewpoints” for this week’s program.

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Aug 30

Gay Rights vs Religious Freedom: A Conflict of Rights in Missouri?

by Mike Ferguson

(Springfield, MO) – This year’s US Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage did not “settle the issue” completely. In many ways, there are more questions than answers and more conflicts to navigate now than there were before.MWSnap121

While the direction set by the Court is mostly clear for government, how the ruling applies in the private sector is not agreed upon. At least not yet.

That’s why a “Religious Freedom Protection Act” has been proposed in several states, including in Missouri. This week, State Representative Elijah Haar (R) explains why he supports the idea, believes it’s needed to protect houses of worship and people of faith in the private sector (such as Christian business owners, some of whom have been in the headlines for declining business with gay couples, etc.).

Stephanie Perkins disagrees with the proposal and says gay couples, and everyone else in LGBT categories have a right to conduct business with anyone, even if the business owners don’t want it. She’s the Deputy Director of PROMO, Missouri’s largest gay rights advocacy group.MWSnap122

Perkins also addresses the “Missouri Nondiscrimination Act”, that would, among other changes, add sexual orientation and gender identity to the state’s anti-discrimination laws.

Both proposals are likely to be debated in the Missouri Legislature again in 2016.

On the web:

Elijah Haar


  • Special thanks to FOX 5 (KRBK TV) for hosting us for this week’s program.

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