Oct 22

Missouri’s Challenges: Increasing Opportunity and Criminal Justice Reform

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – We use words including “justice” and “opportunity” often in our policy discussions and debates. What should those words mean when it comes to the goals of our public policy?

More importantly, how does the answer to that question affect the lives of Missourians?

This week, State Senator Bill Eigel explains why he thinks government is too often an obstacle to opportunity in our state. He also previews the upcoming Legislative Session and his goals for it.

In the other half of the program, Empower Missouri Executive Director Jeanette Mott Oxford outlines their goals for reforming our criminal justice laws. From what’s illegal in the first place to the discretion prosecutors and judges have to the rules for sentencing, Mott Oxford hopes to see several aspects of our system addressed and updated.

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Sen. Bill Eigel

Empower Missouri

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Oct 16

Kids and Missouri’s Courts: Are Reforms Needed?

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – When “children” and “courts” are paired in a sentence, it almost always means something has gone wrong in someone’s life.

This week, we examine two calls for reforms in our court system and both involve children in different ways.

Mark Ludwig of the Missouri-based Americans for Equal Shared Parenting explains why they want changes made to the laws governing our family court system. In short, they are pushing for an assumption that each parent in a divorce or separation will get fifty-percent custody. Find out what that would change and why that is among the goals of the organization.

Also, “justice” is not only about punishment. The Missouri Juvenile Justice Association also wants the system to be about correcting the life path of young people befire they make potentially-life altering mistakes in adulthood. Rick Gaines is the Chief Juvenile Officer for St. Louis County and a member of MJJA. He outlines his view on what an effective juvenile justice system is and how we can improve what we have in the state now.

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Americans for Equal Shared Parenting

Missouri Juvenile Justice Association

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Oct 16

What’s Next For Business and Energy in Missouri?

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – The Legislative Session may not officially get underway until January but preparation is already happening.

Not just by lawmakers.

This week, Associated Industries of Missouri’s Ray McCarty gives us a look at the upcoming session from a business perspective. While labor and legal reforms were made in 2017, many in the business community hope for more changes next year. McCarty also gives his take on what Missouri should do to attract Amazon’s planned second North American headquarters.

Also, business, economy and energy and intricately linked and Scott Rupp, a member of the Missouri Public Service Commission, updates us on the state’s energy policy. Rupp discusses the role of the Missouri PSC and also his goals for energy policy in the state.

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Associated Industries of Missouri

Missouri Public Service Commission

Simplifying Energy (Scott Rupp’s blog)

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Oct 01

Legalizing Pot? More Restrictions on Campaign Donations? A Look At Two Petition Drives for 2018

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – We’re about a year away from the 2018 election season but work is already being done to put some measures on your ballot.

This week, we take a look at two of those initiatives.

Tim Gilio from the Missouri Marijuana Legalization Movement explains why he and his colleagues want to put what’s basically a full legalization question before voters. This is not about legalizing pot for medical reasons or decriminalizing small amount of marijuana possession; if passed, this question would legalize the possession and recreational use of marijuana for adults.

Also, even though Missouri voters approved some restriction on campaign donations last year, the Clean Missouri initiative wants to add some more next year. Missouri Jobs With Justice’s Richard von Glahn explains what would change if voters say yes to that idea. The plan would also change how legislative districts are drawn.

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Missouri Marijuana Legalization Movement

Clean Missouri

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Sep 24

Should Missouri Families Have More Choices in Public Education?

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – The debate over school choice is not over in the Show Me State.

This week, we look at two parts of the education choice discussion: online course access and charter schools.

Dr. Mike Brown is the Executive Director of the Missouri Online Summer Institute, which is run by the Grandview R-2 District in Jefferson County. MOSI offers over 100 courses online to students across the state during the summer. There’s no charge to the students for the classes during the summer.

Should MOSI, and online classes from other sources, be available during the school year as well?

Also, state lawmakers will be asked again to consider allowing charter schools throughout Missouri. Right now, they are only in Kansas City and St. Louis. Missouri Charter Public School Commission Executive Director Robbyn Wahby explains why she hopes to see charter schools be at least an option in other areas.

In this week’s “Positively Missouri” feature: researchers at the University of Missouri are trying to make football games more environmentally friendly by reducing waste and by increasing recycling. The MU News Bureau provides the report.

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Missouri Online Summer Institute

Missouri Charter Public School Commission

MU News Bureau

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Jun 06

Choices in Education – Charter Schools and Home Schooling

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – School may be out for summer but education continues to evolve in the Show Me State and around the nation.

This week, Peter Franzen from the Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri gives us an overview of why charter schools are becoming more common around the country. Missouri lawmakers debated but ultimately did not approve a proposal to allow charter schools outside of Kansas City and St. Louis. That is likely to be debated again in 2018.

Also, Al and Sheryl Schmidt from the Missouri-based Families for Home Education discuss the facts, the myths and the challenges related to home schooling.


On the web:

Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri

Families for Home Education


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