Jun 06

Choices in Education – Charter Schools and Home Schooling

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – School may be out for summer but education continues to evolve in the Show Me State and around the nation.

This week, Peter Franzen from the Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri gives us an overview of why charter schools are becoming more common around the country. Missouri lawmakers debated but ultimately did not approve a proposal to allow charter schools outside of Kansas City and St. Louis. That is likely to be debated again in 2018.

Also, Al and Sheryl Schmidt from the Missouri-based Families for Home Education discuss the facts, the myths and the challenges related to home schooling.


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Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri

Families for Home Education


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May 21

Summer Hunger in Missouri and Midwest Children’s Burn Camp

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – Thousands of children in Missouri rely on free and reduced lunches during the school year. Many of those also rely on school breakfasts before the first class bell rings. Some of those also benefit from take-home food programs such as “Buddy Packs” that send nutrition home for the weekend.

When the school year ends, so does regular access to food for them. This week, Monica Palmer from Feeding Missouri explains the harsh realities of food insecurity in Missouri and explains how easy it is to help those in need.

Also, Big Planet Media provides a special feature video that highlights the work done by the Midwest Children’s Burn Camp in the Lake of the Ozarks.


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Feeding Missouri

Midwest Children’s Burn Camp

Big Planet Media

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May 14

Technology Updates and High-Tech Summer Camps at Missouri S&T

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – Technology is constantly changing and that means new gadgets to buy and new apps to learn.

According to AT&T Missouri President John Sondag*, though, it also means changes to how we do business, how we entertain ourselves, how we educate our children and how we run our homes. This week, he gives us an update on the technology and accessibility that will impact the entire state in the coming years.

Also, summer camps aren’t just about swimming, sports and exploring the wilderness. At Missouri S&T, they’re also about young people exploring STEM fields. Melanie Wulff explains why high tech themes for summer camps are attracting young people to Rolla each summer.

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Missouri S&T

(*) note: AT&T Missouri is a sponsor of “Missouri Viewpoints”

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May 08

Fighting Drug Addiction and Promoting Opportunities for Those with Disabilities in Missouri

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – Drug abuse has been a problem in our society for decades but we’re seeing more news about heroin and opioid abuse in recent years.

Missouri Department of Mental Health Director Mark Stringer says we need more substance abuse counselors in the state. That shortage, he says, is keeping recovery options away from those who desperately need it. Find out what he hopes we can change.

Also, Paraquad President/CEO Aimee Wehmeier discusses what both government and the private sector can do to support opportunities for those with disabilities. She says that affects everyone in the state. Find out why.

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Missouri Department of Mental Health


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May 08

Self Protection: Financial and Physical

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – It seems there’s a never ending tide of new scams that want your personal and financial information.

The Better Business Bureau’s Chris Thetford updates us on the latest scams, who’s being targeted (that may surprise you) and how to be proactive in protecting yourself.

Also, we are hearing about abductions more often in the news in recent months and years. Whether that is sensationalism on the media’s part or whether there are more efforts to attack and kidnap young people. parents and young people need to be aware of the dangers.

Former MMA and kickboxing world champion Jermaine Andre provides advice on personal protection.

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Andre’s Academy

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May 08

Encouraging Women In Business and Public Policy

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – There’s a Missouri-based effort to mentor and invest in women entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses.

It’s called the Women’s Business Accelerator and it could mean big money and significant help for some businesses. Dr. Mary Jo Gorman from Prosper Women Entrepreneurs explains why the program is in place.

A separate effort in in place to attract more women into public policy careers. Christine Page is one of the founders of the non-partisan Women’s Policy Network of Missouri and she explains why it’s important to have more women in Missouri’s policy discussions.

On the web:

Prosper Women Entrepreneurs

  • as of the time of publication, the Women’s Policy Network of Misouri does not have a website.

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