Sep 25

Campaign 2016: Les Turilli’s Independent Run for Governor and Amendment Four

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – We’re now about a month and a half from Election Day and Missouri will elect a new governor.

Some voters may be surprised when they get to the polls and discover there are more than two choices. Lester Turilli qualified to be on the ballot as an independent candidate and makes his case for your vote this week.

Also, ballot initiatives usually don’t get much media attention, especially ones about sales taxes. Amendment Four is designed to impact all Missourians by banning sales taxes from being levied on services.

Scott Charton from Missourians For Fair Taxation explains why several business associations want you to vote yes.

On the web:

Les Turilli for Governor

Missourians for Fair Taxation

Missouri Secretary of State’s Election Page – Ballot Initiatives

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Sep 19

The Back To School Concerns You May Not Know About

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – The school year is back in full swing and students, parents, teachers and administrators are focused on homework, tests and ball games.

They should also be on the lookout for bullying – both in person and online.

Tina Meier established the Missouri-based Megan Meier Foundation after her daughter took her own life. That happened after online bullying went unchecked. Tina has the information about what bullying is (and is not) and the impact it has in 2016. She also has advice for parents, teachers and students on what to watch for and what to do if you suspect it’s happening in your community.

Also, back to school means getting your pencils, paper, notebooks and calculator.

For some Missouri families, it might also mean getting a lawyer. The fact is that school administrators and parents don’t always agree on what is best for the child’s education. There are also times when disagreements happen over what is fair discipline and what is not.

Maggie LaMore is an attorney with Legal Services of Eastern Missouri, one of the legal aid offices in the state. She explains why families might enlist a lawyer to work through conflicts in the public school.

On the web:

Megan Meier Foundation

Legal Services of Eastern Missouri

Legal Services of Missouri (with links to all the legal aid offices in the state)

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Sep 11

Missouri Veto Session Preview

By Mike Ferguson

(Springfield, MO) – The annual Missouri Legislative Veto Session is coming up this week.

We get previews of what the top debates are likely to be from Skyler Johnston from the Greene County Democratic Party and from Ryan Johnson of the Missouri Alliance for Freedom.

They agree: Republicans are likely to attempt an override of Governor Nixon’s veto of a bill that would eliminate most restrictions on gun owners who want to carry concealed weapons. They disagree on what lawmakers should do.

Johnston and Johnson also discuss, among other issues, proposals to require voters to show a photo ID.

Thank you to FOX 5 KRBK in Springfield for allowing us to record this week’s show in their studios.

On the web:

Missouri State Legislature

Greene County Democrats

Missouri Alliance for Freedom

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Sep 06

Campaign 2016: GOP Candidates Sen. Mike Parson & Jay Ashcroft

by Mike Ferguson

(Springfield, MO) – We’re about two months from Election Day and, this week, we speak with two candidates for statewide office.

State Senator Mike Parson is the Republican Party’s nominee for Lt. Governor, Jay Ashcroft is their nominee for Secretary of State. Both discuss how they hope to impact the office and the state if elected.

Their Democratic opponents have been invited to appear on “Missouri Viewpoints”.

Thank you to FOX 5 KRBK for allowing us to record this week’s program in their studios.

On the web:

State Senator Mike Parson

Jay Ashcroft

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Jul 18

Meet the Candidates: Teresa Hensley (D) for Atty Gen & Will Kraus (R) for Sec of State

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Joseph, MO) – We continue our conversations with the candidates who want your support in our statewide races.

Teresa Hensley is a former Cass County Prosecuting Attorney and Raymore Alderman who hopes to be our next Attorney General. She’s asking for your support in the Democratic primary race.

Will Kraus is an Army veteran, former State Representative and currently serves in the State Senate. He’s a Republican running for Secretary of State.

The Primary Elections are August 2nd.

A special thank you goes to KNPN FOX 26 and The St. Joseph News-Press for allowing us to record this week’s show in their newsroom.

On the web:

Teresa Hensley

Will Kraus

Secretary of State’s Election Page

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Jun 05

Renewable Energy and Broadband: Technology That’s Impacting Missouri

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – As technology improves, the way we live changes.

And those changes are happening faster than ever before.

This week, Caleb Arthur from the Missouri Solar Energy Industries Association discusses how changes to solar technology is impacting the availability of renewable energy to Missourians.

Also, AT&T Missouri’s John Sondag* updates us on improvements in broadband technology and access. He explains how this impacts just about every part of our lives, including education, public safety, health care, business opportunity and entertainment.

On the web:

Missouri Solar Energy Industries Association


Caleb ArthurJohn Sondag

 * AT&T Missouri is a sponsor of “Missouri Viewpoints”

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