Sep 18

Are There “Two Missouris”?

By Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – Election Day always has an impact on Missourians.

Some are happy that their candidate or cause won and others are unhappy with the election results. With some exceptions, there tends to be a pattern in the Show Me State’s voting. While it can be classified as “red” or “blue” regarding the selection of state lawmakers, there’s also a pattern when it comes to some issues.

It’s not necessarily Republican versus Democrat, it’s urban Missouri versus rural Missouri. Urban areas tend to vote more Democratic and in favor of issues like gun control and animal rights. Rural areas are often more Republican, sharply oppose gun control proposals and support agriculture issues that sometimes conflict with the efforts of animal rights groups.

Some political and media observers go as far as to refer to “two Missouris” – where people in the same state are worlds apart in terms of priorities, values, culture and politics.

Do we live in “Two Missouris”? This week, a media panel of Jo Mannies (St. Louis Public Radio), Scott Faughn (The Missouri Times) and Eli Yokely (PoliticMO.com and the Joplin Globe) discuss what they see as dividing Missouri and what can unite Missourians.

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