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At Home or Overseas, Missouri’s Military Stands Ready

At Home or Overseas, Missouri’s Military Stands Ready

(St. Charles, MO) – When most of us go to work, we know where we’ll be all week and what we’ll be doing until 5:00.

We also know we’ll get to come home at the end of the day.

That’s not the case for Missouri’s citizen-soldiers who make up the Missouri National Guard and Air National Guard. When they get called up for duty, they could be deployed to a flood zone or an area struck by a disaster (like the Joplin tornado) or they could head overseas, into a war zone.

The Guard plays a larger role in our state than many realize and it has a presence throughout Missouri.

The Missouri Air National Guard’s Assistant Adjutant General, Colonel Greg Champagne, sits down with Mike MWSnap036Ferguson to give us a look into the official duties of Guardsmen and –women.

“We’re dual-tasked. What that means…is that we do a federal mission and we do a state mission.”

Hundreds of Missourians who wear the Guard’s uniforms are currently deployed around the world.

Some are part of the Agribusiness teams that teach Afghanis how to support themselves instead of on drug cartels.

While the Guard stands ready to deploy at a moment’s notice, a state program works to support them and their counterparts in the other branches of America’s military. The Show Me Heroes program connects veterans and employers in Missouri.

MWSnap037There are efforts, both public and private, around the state to help those looking for work but Show Me Heroes. Army National Guard Second Lieutenant Jon Barry also joins Ferguson to discuss the program. Barry is the Director of the program.

MWSnap039He explains what it is, who qualifies and why it’s important to help veterans and employers find each other. He also tells us why it’s a priority for the state to support veterans of any branch after they leave active duty. One unique challenge for job seekers who are veterans, according to Barry, is when their military experience isn’t leveraged in the civilian workforce.

“One of those is the lack of understanding from civilian employers, and even from the service members themselves, about how the skills that they have from their military training and experience translate into the regular civilian world. And the truth of the matter is, is that there are a number of skills, too numerous to list, that do translate over to the civilian world.”

On the web:

Missouri National Guard – www.MOGuard.com

Show Me Heroes Employment Program – www.ShowMeHeores.MO.gov

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