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Feb 26

Business, Labor and Money. What Should Missouri Reform?

by Mike Ferguson (St. Charles, MO) – Few debates are a contentious as “Right To Work” and that’s just one of the issues impacting jobs and the state’s economy. Gov. Eric Greitens signed it in to law already but organized labor is determined to put the issue on the ballot in hopes that you will …

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Feb 24

Mental Health Misconceptions and Fighting For Crime Victims’ Rights

by Mike Ferguson (St. Charles, MO) – It’s often under reported and misreported yet issues related to mental health are increasingly too important to ignore. So, let’s get it right. This week, Cindi Keele from Missouri’s chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) does some much-needed myth busting. It’s often an uncomfortable topic …

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Feb 12

Is There A War On Police?

by Mike Ferguson (St. Charles, MO) – It’s easy to argue that the current tension between police and some minority communities across the country became a national discussion because of what happened in Ferguson, Missouri. Those tensions existed long before Michael Brown’s confrontation with a police officer that resulted in his death, of course, but …

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Feb 08

A Second Chance After Prison and A Politics 2017 Update

by Mike Ferguson (St. Charles, MO) – Once a criminal, always a criminal? Not necessarily. Dr. Howard Wall from the Hammond Institute for Free Enterprise explains why it’s in everyone’s best interest to help offenders succeed after serving their time. However, instead of pushing for another government program, Wall says entrepreneurship may offer many offenders …

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Feb 08

The Left’s Challenges in Missouri and the Impact of People of Faith

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Feb 08

Missouri Legislative Session 2017: A Preview from Both Sides

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