Oct 16

Campaign 2016: Judy Baker (D) for Treasurer and Josh Hawley (R) for Attorney General

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – Election day is now just weeks away and the candidates are shaking as many hands as possible and visiting as many communities as possible.

This week, two of them visit with us to discuss the issues the offices they hope to hold impact.

Former State Representative Judy Baker (D) wants to be your next State Treasurer.

She explains how, if elected, she would manage the tax dollars you pay and the priorities she would set when running the office.

Josh Hawley (R) is running for Attorney General. He’s best known for his work on religious liberty issues.

He discusses how he would manage the office if elected and how he would work with other state officials.

On the web:

Judy Baker for State Treasurer

Josh Hawley for Attorney General


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