Sep 20

Confederate Flags, Race and Politics in Missouri

by Mike Ferguson

(Springfield, MO) – In the past year, racial tensions and violence have had an impact both in Missouri and across the nation.

Some of that conflict has centered around the display of what’s commonly called “the Confederate Flag” – the stars and bars design that was a Confederate battle flag during the Civil War. From it’s famous display atop the General Lee car in the “Dukes of Hazzard” to it’s position on public grounds like state capitols and cemeteries, the flag has come under more intense scrutiny in recent months.

Is it simply an homage to history and southern culture in the United States or is it an offensive display of racism?

This week, Darryl Maples from the Missouri Branch of the Sons of Confederate Veterans discusses the conflicts surrounding the flag and what he believes it should mean to everyone. He also addresses the use of the flag by white supremacist groups.

State Representative Eric Burlison (R) is also a guest on the program. He talks about some of the changes to Missouri law that have come in response to the outbreak of protests and violence in Ferguson. He also discusses how lawmakers can work to deal with proposals that can put the interests of urban and rural communities in conflict.

Burlison, in the interview recorded prior to the annual legislative veto session, also explains his continued support for so-called “Right To Work” legislation in Missouri, which was passed by the Legislature this year. Governor Nixon’s veto of that bill survived an override challenge earlier this month.

A special thanks goes to FOX 5 KRBK in Springfield for hosting this week’s program.

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Note: A representative of the Springfield NAACP was scheduled to be on this week’s program to discuss the controversies related to the display and use of the Confederate battle flag as well but cancelled that appearance shortly before our production date.

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