Oct 25

Criminal Justice and Embryo Defense: The Legal Challenges of 2015 in Missouri

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – “…if you cannot afford and attorney, one will be provided for you…”

From watching police shows like “COPS“, we’ve all heard that part of the Miranda Warning that’s read to criminal suspects after an arrest. If they cannot afford a lawyer, the suspects’ legal counsel comes from the state’s Public Defender office.

State Public Defender Michael Barrett (below, left) says they need more lawyers because the case load is too high to effectively handle right now. Barrett also says everyone should be concerned about that even if you’ve never been on the wrong side of an arrest.

Also, one court battle in Missouri could affect the entire nation.

Jasha McQueen’s (below, right) marriage has ended but some embryos she and her now ex husband had frozen remain. She wants to keep them and he does not. Among the challenges before the courts is the fact that very little law is written now to address this situation.

Is it a pro-life/pro-choice conflict? Is it a custody dispute? Is the situation a matter of divorce-related marital property?

The ruling here could set precedent nationwide. McQueen has founded Embryo Defense as a result of the case. She discusses what’s at stake and why everyone should be informed about this emerging science and area of law.

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