Apr 05

Cuba And Missouri: How Would Ending The Embargo Impact The Show Me State?

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – Is a half century long enough? Would a change to US foreign policy improve business options for farmers in the Show Me State?

The debate happening throughout the country could have a major impact on Missouri.

It’s been over 50 years since the embargo against Cuba began and now leaders in Washington DC and Havana are in talks to end it.

This week, retired US Air Force Lt. Col. Jaime Torres and Dr. Richard Millett of the Foreign Relations Council discuss what that could mean to the nation, to the state and to thousands of Cubans and Cuban-Americans in Missouri now. Because of political and human oppression, thousands of Cuban families have been separated over the years. Still, the island nation is run by a dictatorship and poverty remains widespread.

Many Cuban refugees settled in Missouri and even more Missourians are of Cuban heritage. What would changes mean to them?MWSnap077

Also, Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst explains why he hopes Cuba is fully opened up to the US as a market and why he thinks it will benefit Missouri Farmers. Hurst recently went to Cuba as part of a delegation from our state.

Hurst describes what he saw and why he hopes Cuba will open up as a market for agriculture. He also believes that if that happens, Missouri farmers could be at the front of the line to sell food to Cuba.

What do you think? Should the United States ease or end the embargo on Cuba? What do you think that could mean to Missouri?

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