Apr 19

Decision 2016. Meet The Candidates: Bradshaw and Asbury

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – This week, we begin our series of interviews with those who want your vote for statewide office in 2016.

Dr. Brad Bradshaw is a medical doctor and an attorney with multiple offices around the state. He’s also a Democrat running for Lt. Governor. He addresses some of the top issues likely to be in the spotlight in 2016 including “Right To Work” and the debate over Medicaid expansion.MWSnap081

Bradshaw also promotes his idea to reduce the size of the State Legislature by reducing the number of State Representatives. It’s a plan he hopes to see on the statewide ballot at some point and believes it will both save money and reduce partisanship in an atmosphere he says is polarized.

Randy Asbury is a former Republican State Representative who wants to return to the Capital City. This time, though, he wants to come back as the state’s top executive: Governor.

He doesn’t see the “Right To Work” and Medicaid issues the same way Bradshaw does. Asbury also takes issue with the role money has come to play in Missouri’s elections and politics. He says he wants to see a review of that and of the trend of legislators jumping from making laws to lobbying for (or against) them.MWSnap082

So far, Bradshaw is the only Democrat to be involved in the race for Lt. Governor. Asbury is in an already crowded, and possibly growing, field of GOP hopefuls for Governor.

We will have more candidates for statewide office on “Missouri Viewpoints” in the coming months.

On the web:

Dr. Bradshaw for Lt. Governor: www.BradshawForMissouri.com.

Asbury for Governor:  www.AsburyForGovernor.com

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