Aug 09

Distracted Driving, Speed Traps and Court Reforms in Missouri

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – No one likes getting a ticket but simple traffic fines became part of a national debate on government and race over the past year. MWSnap118

State Sen. Eric Schmitt (R) explains why he supported an effort to set new rules on local governments’ use of law enforcement. The law reforming municipal courts and, to some extent, local governments was part of the reaction to the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri and across the nation.

The new law reduces the amount of revenue for local governments that can be generated through traffic fines.


Also, ATT Missouri* President John Sondag discusses his industry’s ongoing campaign against distracted driving. The frequency of how often it happens may surprise you. So might the facts on who is looking at their phone when they should be looking at the road.

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