Jul 12

eLearning In Missouri: Why It Matters To Everyone

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – Public school students, private school students and home school students: whether urban, suburban or rural, they are no longer limited to the books and classes offered in the buildings where they learn. Missouri is among the leaders in the still-emerging field of online learning.

It’s now possible for a young person to complete their high school education through the University of Missouri. In fact, Mizzou offers eLearning for all K-12 students.MWSnap106

While convenience, access to courses that may not otherwise be available to your child and cost are all factors to weigh when considering eLearning, the discussion is about more than just what’s right for your student. It’s also about the future of our state and our nation. ATT Missouri President John Sondag* discusses the tech/wireless industry’s concerns about the readiness of the workforce in the near future. His company recently made a large donation to support Mizzou’s eLearning system.

Sondag explains why and tells us what he believes improving eLearning options will mean to the entire state.

Why are those options important now and in the years to come?

University of Missouri eLearning Director Zack March explains how all K-12 students can access the fully accredited MU courses and either transfer the credits back to their school or earn their high school diploma online.MWSnap107

Whether it’s a student in a rural area who wants to take a course his district can’t afford to offer or an urban student who has the ability to learn faster than her classmates and get ahead or whether it’s a homeschool family who needs to make sure their children’s learning will be accepted by colleges, today’s online education can meet a variety of needs.

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ATT Missouri*: www.ATT.com

University of Missouri K-12 eLearning: http://mizzouk12online.missouri.edu/

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