Nov 12

Election 2018: Ballot Issue Decisions and Auditor Candidate Saundra McDowell (R)

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – It’s an “off year” election that has the feel of a Presidential election year in Missouri. We’re deciding a variety of issues on the ballot including medical (and recreational) marijuana, a proposed increase to the state’s minimum wage, and a plan to overhaul how state legislative district lines are drawn.

This week, State Representative Tracy McCreery (D) provides a Democratic viewpoint on many of the ballot proposals, specifically Amendment 1 – what supporters call “Clean Missouri”.

Also, Republican nominee for State Auditor Saundra McDowell discusses her campaign and the changes she hopes to make if elected. Democratic nominee, current State Auditor Nicole Galloway, has been invited to be on Missouri Viewpoints but declined,

MOVP McCreery Oct 2018MOVP McDowell Oct 2018

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