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Facing Autism in Missouri

Facing Autism in Missouri

Advocacy Group Based in the Show Me State Says Everyone Has A Role

(St. Charles, MO) – It impacts an increasing number of Missouri families. That means it impacts an increasing number of communities and schools.

“It” is autism.

Autism is not a disease, even though it is something that’s diagnosed. It’s a condition that affects more than one in 100 new births right now. That number is increasing although the cause of that isn’t known yet.

While researchers continue the search for the cause of autism and the increase in our society, a Missouri-based advocacy group says it’s time for everyone else to adjust and be part of making life better for those impacted by it.

Emily Malabey and Doctor Julian Bukalski are on the board of the International Coalition for Autism and All Abilities (ICAA) and return for another discussion about autism on this week’s “Missouri Viewpoints.”MWSnap021

Among the parts of Missouri communities most directly impacted are public schools and Malabey in particular believes they can do a far better job educating autistic children. Part of the solutions she wants to see is full inclusion of autistic children in regular classrooms.

“Mainstreaming”, according to Malabey and Bukalski, help both the autistic child and the rest of the class. They contend that moving autistic children into special education classes with separate schedules only harms the child’s ability to be self-supporting as an adult.

In this week’s “Missouri Viewpoints”, the impact the educational approach to autism has on the children, families and neighbors of those affected by autism is discussed along with what Malabey and Bukalski hope to see from state government.

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