Sep 27

Faith, Freedom, LGBT Rights and Our Changing Culture

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – The laws are changing, the court decisions are being handed down, the school board policy changes are shifting and the spotlight in the media is refocusing in favor of LGBT rights in Missouri and across the nation.

And it’s all happening fast. From the US Supreme Court’s landmark ruling on same-sex marriage to laws that require business owners to provide goods and services for events (like same sex weddings) even if they want to decline to a Missouri teenager’s insistence that, despite being a biological male, he be permitted to shower and change in the girls’ locker room as part of being transgender.

Is it all a sprint away from the values that have been a successful bedrock of our society for generations or is it a race toward progress?

This week, we get two very different perspectives on that question.

The Eagle Forum is one of America’s most established and influential conservative organizations. Their president, Ed Martin, explains why he thinks the redefinition of what is an ideal family situation is bad for the country.

Sean Nicholson is the executive director or Progress Missouri, one of the Show Me State’s most active and influential liberal groups. He sees the legal and cultural changes as evidence of a more accepting, tolerant society that is moving in the correct direction.

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