Dec 21

Ferguson, Protests, Race and the Big Question: Where Does Missouri Go From Here?

* note: this program was recorded prior to the tragic shooting deaths of two New York City Police officers on December 20th.

By Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – To some, it’s a demand for justice and anger in response to both racism and a corrupt judicial system. To others, it’s senseless violence, anarchy and a show of support for criminals who fought with police and lost their lives as a result.

Regardless of the perspective one has toward the recent events following the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Tamir Rice, the impact of the divides within our culture and state impact everyone.MWSnap036

This week, On Point! Communications President Patricia Washington, who is also the Communications Director for the Office of the St. Louis County Executive and Move On Up founder Christopher Arps offer differing perspectives on the protest tactics and what needs to be done to bring peace, healing and public safety to a better level.

While Washington isn’t officially speaking for the County Executive’s Office during this interview, she says critics of the protests should work harder to understand the emotions and the reasons for choosing tactics that disrupt the lives of others by forcing temporary closures of shopping malls, highways and even government buildings.


She also takes issue with the way the media has – and continues to – portray the Ferguson community and related protests.

Arps disagrees with Washington when it comes to the protest tactics being used. He also believes healing, culturally and personally for those involved, cannot rely only on governmental changes. He discusses a faith-based effort that’s in the organizing stage right now that he hopes will do what political and legal conflicts cannot.

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