Mar 22

Financial Fraud: Protecting Missourians From Crooks

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – A call. An email. Maybe even a knock at the door.

They come to Missouri’s senior citizens and sometimes result in thousands of dollars lost. It’s a growing problem across the nation. Here in Missouri, both lawmakers and seniors’ advocates are working on ways to protect our older friends and relatives from thieves.MWSnap066

This week, Rep. Mark Parkinson (R) discusses his proposal to change Missouri law in hopes of stopping fraud against senior citizens and the disabled. His bill would give some financial agents more leeway in handling financial accounts and contacting family and authorities when fraud is suspected. If a broker suspects fraud, for instance, his bill would give them the ability to stop some transactions and contact either family or the courts to look into the request.

That idea doesn’t have the support of all advocates for seniors even though they may agree on the overall goal.


Also, AARP Missouri’s Craig Eichelman describes today’s most common scams that target seniors. He also offers advice on how to spot a con artist and what to do if you think you or a loved one is a target of financial fraud.

AARP offers a free fraud prevention program to all Americans, regardless of age and AARP membership is not required.

Get the details on this week’s program.

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Rep. Mark Parkinson: http://www.markparkinson.com/

AARP Missouri: http://states.aarp.org/region/missouri/


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