Jun 07

Free Markets and School Choice: New Ideas In Education For Missouri

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) –

Providing options to the educational status quo. That’s what we highlight this week.

The Robert W. Plaster Foundation exists to financially support the teaching of a free enterprise/ free markets-based approach to economics. This Missouri-based organization partners with colleges and universities to fund the facilities needed to grow their educational efforts. Robert W. Plaster’s daughter, Dr. Dolly Plaster-Clement, explains why they feel this effort is important and describes the impact they hope to have.MWSnap099

While the limited-government approach to economics is not new in itself, it seems to run counter to what’s taught in many institutions of higher learning in the US these days. Dr. Plaster-Clement explains why the Roberts W. Plaster Foundation is involved through financial investments in higher education, but public and private.

Also, the Show Me Institute* provides a special report on a unique charter school in western Missouri. It’s set up to provide a second chance to “at risk” students who could easily fall through the cracks in a traditional public school setting. Brittany Wagner reports on what’s being done differently at DeLaSalle Education Center.MWSnap100

The school and the approach have critics who say testing and graduation data show the school is not measuring up to other public schools. Brittany says that is not the whole picture and it’s not a fair comparison. She and other critics of the argument want some changes to the state’s accountability system for charter schools, especially for DeLaSalle which specifically works with young people who are “at risk” or are coming back to school for a second chance at an education.

On the web:

Robert W. Plaster Foundation: http://robertwplasterfoundation.org/

Show Me Institute: http://showmeinstitute.org/

DeLaSalle Education Center: http://www.delasallecenter.org/

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