Jul 19

Health Care & Foster Care: Efforts To Improve Lives in Missouri

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – We may like the laws or we may dislike them but, either way, thousands of Missourians rely on government programs for health care.

The laws, benefits and bureaucracies are often complex and leave people behind even if they qualify for coverage. For low income Missourians, there is assistance available when it comes to to appealing denials or just understanding what your rights are with the coverage you have.MWSnap108

Among the services Missouri’s legal aid offices provide is help navigating the complex health care process.

Lucas Caldwell from Legal Services of Eastern Missouri (representing Legal Services of Missouri – the network of regional legal aid offices) explains how these services work to help low income Missourians access government programs for which they qualify and also help with issues that may arise in dealing with private insurance. Each region of the state has a legal aid office.

Dealing with insurance coverage isn’t the only system that can be confusing and frightening for those in it.MWSnap109

Around 13,000 Missouri children are in the state’s foster care system. There’s a collaboration working right now to assess what that system is doing well and what need to be improved.

Missouri Kids Count is active throughout Missouri collecting data on a variety of areas that impact children in Missouri’s foster care system. Les Johnson explains what Missouri Kids Count is and why it matters to the entire state.


On the web:

Legal Services in Missouri: www.LSMO.org

Missouri Kids Count: www.MOKidsCount.org


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