Dec 06

Holiday Special 2015: Help Feed Missouri!

by Mike Ferguson

(Bridgeton, MO) – It’s Missouri’s almost silent danger: “food insecurity”.

That’s a nice way of saying “hunger”. The economic condition of not having enough money to provide three full meals a day for yourself and/or your family. It happens more than you may realize and it happens closer to your home than most people think.

Feeding Missouri is the network of six food banks that supplies food pantries, shelters and other charitable work with food for those in need. They serve every county in the state and the City of St. Louis. More impressive and, at the same time, more troubling is the fact that Feeding Missouri supplies over a million Missourians with food at some point in each year.

That’s one in five Missourians.

Among the services food banks and pantries provide is the “Buddy Pack” program that sends food home with school children to make sure they have dinner that evening or food over the weekend.

This week, we go on location to one of Feeding Missouri’s food banks and get a behind the scenes look at how they manage such a large operation on a non-profit basis. More importantly, we also find out how easy it is for you to help and we hear directly from some of their volunteers around the state.

The need for food assistance remains constant throughout the year but the holiday season is when food banks receive the most donations. That’s why it’s important to help now and stay involved once the holiday lights are packed away in your garage.

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