Feb 12

Is There A War On Police?

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – It’s easy to argue that the current tension between police and some minority communities across the country became a national discussion because of what happened in Ferguson, Missouri. Those tensions existed long before Michael Brown’s confrontation with a police officer that resulted in his death, of course, but a national conversation/debate came from that and has been fueled by controversies in Baltimore, Cincinnati, Dallas and Baton Rouge, among others.

Former Missouri State Representative Jeff Roorda is now the business manager for one of the state’s largest police unions. He’s also been a police officer, detective and police chief.

His book, “The War On Police” argues that movements like Black Lives Matter and hostile media coverage of law enforcement are among the reasons police – and entire communities – are less safe today.

On the other side of that debate is the Missouri ACLU, which is supporting what’s being called “The Fourth Amendment Affirmation Act” in the Missouri Legislature.

Executive Director Jeffrey Mittman takes issue with Roorda’s stands and argues that we need more oversight and regulations of police.

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