Sep 06

Looking Ahead To Missouri’s Veto Session and the 2016 Campaign

by Mike Ferguson

(Springfield, MO) – We are less than two weeks away from the Missouri Legislature’s annual veto session. The big question in Show Me State politics is whether or not Republicans will try to override Governor Nixon’s veto of the “Right To Work” bill.MWSnap123

This week, State Senator Bob Dixon (R) and State Rep. Charlie Norr (D) give their thoughts on that and on some of the other issues up for debate both this month in the veto session and next year when the Legislature convenes again for another round of lawmaking.

Dixon makes the case for an override of another veto: this time of a bill he pushed that would add some court fees to help maintain judicial buildings in the state.

Norr explains why he hopes the state will expand Medicaid coverage as part of the Affordable Care Act, commonly called “ObamaCare”.

Both lawmakers look ahead to the 2016 election cycle as well. Dixon is running for Governor in a crowded GOP field of candidates. While he has kind words for his opponents, he explains why he feels he should be the nominee in the general election. At this point, the only announced candidate for governor for the Democrats is Attorney General Chris Koster.MWSnap125

Rep. Norr, despite recent election trends that saw Republicans making gains in the Legislature, believes Democrats can win back some seats this time around.

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State Senator Bob Dixon

State Rep. Charlie Norr

A special thanks, once again, goes to FOX 5 KRBK for hosting “Missouri Viewpoints” for this week’s program.

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