Apr 17

Medical Marijuana In Missouri: Should The Law Change?

by Mike Ferguson


(St. Charles, MO) – The debate isn’t new but it has changed over the last few years. Should Missouri become the next state to decriminalize the possession, distribution and use of marijuana, at least to some degree?

New Approach Missouri is among the advocates pushing for some changes in the law and they want you to vote on the idea.

Their ballot initiative, if it qualifies for the statewide ballot, will ask voters to decide if the medical use of cannabis/marijuana should be legalized.

Jack Cardetti explains what the measure would change and why he feels it’s the right move for the state.

While the debate has changed in recent years and some other states have moved toward legalization, there is no consensus on the idea. Joy Sweeney and Bridget Klotz are the co-directors of Keeping Missouri Kids Safe, which opposes the ballot measure and other decriminalization efforts.


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