Nov 13

Missouri’s Battle Against Human Trafficking

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – It’s all around us, even though we usually don’t see it.

Human Trafficking takes several different forms. It can be forced sex work, it can be forced labor in farm fields or in nail salons or in motels.

Missouri has a task force that’s wrapping up work on human trafficking.

State Sen. Gina Walsh is part of that task force and she updates us on what they’ve done, what they are doing and the recommendations they will make to the State Legislature in 2017.

Christine McDonald survived being a trafficking victim. Seventeen years of her life were stolen while she was forced into sex work. Now she works to rescue others from “the life”.

She has advice on how to spot possible victims, traffickers and on how to protect your loved ones.

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State Senator Gina Walsh

Christine McDonald



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