Oct 22

Missouri’s Challenges: Increasing Opportunity and Criminal Justice Reform

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – We use words including “justice” and “opportunity” often in our policy discussions and debates. What should those words mean when it comes to the goals of our public policy?

More importantly, how does the answer to that question affect the lives of Missourians?

This week, State Senator Bill Eigel explains why he thinks government is too often an obstacle to opportunity in our state. He also previews the upcoming Legislative Session and his goals for it.

In the other half of the program, Empower Missouri Executive Director Jeanette Mott Oxford outlines their goals for reforming our criminal justice laws. From what’s illegal in the first place to the discretion prosecutors and judges have to the rules for sentencing, Mott Oxford hopes to see several aspects of our system addressed and updated.

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Sen. Bill Eigel

Empower Missouri

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