Feb 08

MO Money, MO Priorities

By Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – As the tax deadline approaches, many Missourians tend to take a closer look at how government spends the money it takes from us.

In fact, deciding how to spend public money is the largest part of our state lawmakers’ job at the Capitol. Most issues are somehow related to the state budget, spending, tax credits, economic incentives and related parts of money management.MWSnap053

This week, Patrick Werner from Missouri’s branch of the conservative Americans For Prosperity and State Representative Tracy McCreery (D) offer two perspectives on what the guiding priorities should be when it comes time to pass a budget and send it to Governor Nixon’s desk.

This year, that discussion includes education (as always), the proposed expansion of Medicaid, tax credit reform and even what the state government should – or should not – do regarding the St. Louis Rams’ quest for a new football stadium.

While it may all sound like just accounting and numbers crunching, McCreery has a different take, saying she views the budget as a “moral document” because it reflects the state government’s priorities.MWSnap055

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On the web:

Americans For Prosperity – Missouri: http://americansforprosperity.org/missouri/

State Rep. Tracy McCreery – www.TracyMcCreery.com

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