Nov 23

Money And Health Care: Protecting Missouri’s Senior Citizens

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – It’s healthcare enrollment time again.

Whether you like the changes to the nation’s laws regarding health insurance or whether you oppose them and hope for repeal, you and your family are impacted by the new system. Health insurance and the laws affecting them are complex. Anyone can be confused by the new system but con artists often target a specific part of society: senior citizens.MWSnap027

That’s why it’s important for the entire family to stay informed and involved when it comes to the health care decisions for seniors. Many of those who grew up without the web, email and other technologies often find themselves being contacted by convincing thieves who trick people into sharing personal and financial information.

This week, Chris Thetford from the Better Business Bureau’s St. Louis office describes common scams and the signs to watch for to protect yourself and your elderly relatives. He also has advice on what to do if you think someone in your family has been targeted.

Another difficult decision for seniors and their families to make is how to arrange care for those who can no longer fully care for themselves.MWSnap028

As the “Baby Boom” generation transitions into the retirement years the decisions regarding long term care will impact millions of Americans.

Dr. Milta Little is the President of the Missouri Association of Long Term Care Practitioners. She has the information that can help your family get started with the conversations that are often difficult but are important. She also explains the options to consider and where to find the resources to help with your decision.

On the web:

Better Business Bureau: www.BBB.org

MO Association of Long Term Care Practitioners: http://www.maltcp.org/

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