Jan 02

Money, Economics, and Your Personal Finances

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – We hear media and politicians use the word “the economy” as a policy and political football of sorts all the time.

What are the real-world impacts of “the economy” on you and your family, though?

Dr. Tawni Ferrarini is co-author of Common Sense Economics and is the Robert W. Plaster Professor of Economic Education at the Hammond institute for Free Enterprise, which is part of Lindenwood University. She provides practical explanations of how economic policy affects us all and she has advice on managing your personal finances.

Also, MasterCard has a resource available to everyone on how to use technology as part of managing your personal and family finances. Service fees, interest, and other costs associated with non-traditional payment options (like cashier’s checks and money orders) often consume a significant part of the earnings many low-income Missourians bring home.

The number of Missourians who are “unbanked” or “under-banked”, especially in the state’s two urban areas, may surprise you.

MasterCard’s Mercedes Garcia gives us the facts, explains how they affect us all, and offers advice on managing your money with technology that’s available to everyone.

On the web:

Hammond Institute for Free Enterprise

Common Sense Economics

MasterCard’s “Master Your Card”

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