Dec 13

New Rules For Politicians? Ethics Reform in Missouri.


by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – After a year of what some would call scandals and otherwise controversial changes in the Missouri Legislature, both Republicans and Democrats say they will pursue some form of ethics reform legislation in 2016.

Accusation of lawmakers having inappropriate relationships with interns and of elected officials moving too quickly between roles as voting lawmakers and into lucrative lobbying jobs were among the conflicts in 2015. Both parties say they don’t want that to happen again in 2016, although the visions of what are the right reforms may differ.

The new Speaker of the House, Todd Richardson, has indicated ethics reform will be among the first issues addressed in a few weeks when lawmakers return to the Capitol.

State Rep. Gina Mitten (D) and former State Sen. John Lamping (R) provide insight on reforms they think would help decrease inappropriate behavior by lawmakers.

  • Special thanks to the Missouri Alliance for Freedom for helping arrange the interview with Mr. Lamping.

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State Rep. Gina Mitten (D)

Former State Sen. John Lamping (R)

Missouri Alliance for Freedom


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