Nov 05

Politics, Division, Unity, and Missouri

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – Protests in St. Louis and the surrounding areas that have, occasionally, turned violent.

Speakers on college and university campuses around the nation shouted down or forced to cancel by crowds that disagree with the speakers’ points of view. Again, violence has been used on occasion to achieve that goal.

Online, responses to opinions often quickly turn into personal attacks. The assumption is that someone with whom we disagree must have an evil intent of some kind.

Our nation has endures times of political and cultural strife before. Is today’s climate of heated rhetoric and polarization any different? Either way, what is the effect on our ability to govern, educate, and overall have communities and a culture that we want?

This week, State Rep. Cora Faith Walker (D) gives us her perspective from her role as a lawmaker. Dr. John Inazu, a professor of law and religion at Washington University, provides a view on the cultural impact today’s conflicts could have on what used to be mostly accepted values – including the right to free speech.

Inazu is the author of Confident Pluralism, which examines the increasing divide we’re seeing in our culture.


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