Feb 15

Public Education In Missouri: 2015 and Beyond

By Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – Changes in technology. Changes in the needs of employers. Changes in the economy. Changes in politics. Uncertainty in funding from the state government. These all affect Missouri families and taxpayers regardless of whether they have children in public schools or not.MWSnap056

This week, Missouri’s new State Education Commissioner, Dr. Margie Vandeven, addresses the challenges facing the state’s public education system right now. Those include the political battle between Republican state legislators and Gov. Jay Nixon over funding withholds, access to technology that’s changing how students learn and missed opportunities for early learning that affect children for years, even after they begin formal education.

Vandeven also explains the goals she has for public education during her tenure. Among them is to put Missouri in the top ten when it comes to academic performance in the nation by 2020.

She also addresses controversies in education, including the continuing debate over national Common Core standards, which are being used in Missouri.

On the web: www.DESE.MO.gov

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