Sep 24

Should Missouri Families Have More Choices in Public Education?

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – The debate over school choice is not over in the Show Me State.

This week, we look at two parts of the education choice discussion: online course access and charter schools.

Dr. Mike Brown is the Executive Director of the Missouri Online Summer Institute, which is run by the Grandview R-2 District in Jefferson County. MOSI offers over 100 courses online to students across the state during the summer. There’s no charge to the students for the classes during the summer.

Should MOSI, and online classes from other sources, be available during the school year as well?

Also, state lawmakers will be asked again to consider allowing charter schools throughout Missouri. Right now, they are only in Kansas City and St. Louis. Missouri Charter Public School Commission Executive Director Robbyn Wahby explains why she hopes to see charter schools be at least an option in other areas.

In this week’s “Positively Missouri” feature: researchers at the University of Missouri are trying to make football games more environmentally friendly by reducing waste and by increasing recycling. The MU News Bureau provides the report.

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