Jul 26

Should Missouri Raise The Minimum Wage?

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – Kansas City’s government has already voted to do it. The debate continues in St. Louis, Columbia and in other communities. Should government force employers to increase the hourly rate for the lowest paid workers?MWSnap110

Now there’s an effort to put that question on the statewide ballot. Different proposals, if approved by voters, would increase the state’s minimum wage to $13.00 per hour and even up to $16.00 per hour over time, depending on which version of the idea would be on the ballot.

This week, Ruth Ehresman from Missouri Jobs With Justice makes their case for increasing the minimum wage, saying it will help many of the lowest paid workers out of poverty.MWSnap111

Dr. Howard Wall, a former St. Louis Federal Reserve economist, is now the director of the Missouri-based Hammond Institute for Free Enterprise. He explains why he is against the idea and thinks it will harm the workers it’s supposed to help.

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Missouri Jobs With Justice: www.MOJWJ.org

Hammond Institute For Free Enterprise: www.lindenwood.edu/hammondInstitute/

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