Sep 12

Should voters raise our fuel tax? Also, new advocacy for disability rights in Missouri

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – One thing almost everyone agrees on is that Missouri’s highways and other infrastructure need improvements.

The disagreement comes over whether we need new or higher taxes to fund those improvements. And, if we do, how that should be done.

One this week’s program, Scott Charton, spokesman for SaferMO.com, makes their case for passage of Proposition D. That’s on the ballot in November and it calls for an increase in the state’s fuel tax.

Also, should state law increase the number of conditions required to be covered by health insurance? A new disability rights advocacy group, Missouri Disability Empowerment (MODE), says coverage for therapy for those with autism should apply to those with some other disabilities. Robyn Schlep explains why MODE is asking for the change in law. She also discusses their push to change how bathrooms are designed in public and publicly-accessible buildings.

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