Nov 12

State Treasurer Eric Schmitt

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – He’s responsible for balancing the state’s checkbook, so to speak.

And Eric Schmitt (R) says some important decisions need to be made now to make sure the checkbook balances out in the years to come. Specifically, Schmitt says the state’s public pensions need to be reexamined and changes need to be made to ensure they are funded properly for future retirees.

Schmitt’s office may also have some of your money or property and he wants to give it back. He discusses the state’s unclaimed property program and how you can check to see if anything of yours is being held by the state.

The Treasurer’s Office has launched a new website so anyone can see how the state government is spending your tax money. He described that and talks about transparency in state spending.

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