Sep 19

The Back To School Concerns You May Not Know About

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – The school year is back in full swing and students, parents, teachers and administrators are focused on homework, tests and ball games.

They should also be on the lookout for bullying – both in person and online.

Tina Meier established the Missouri-based Megan Meier Foundation after her daughter took her own life. That happened after online bullying went unchecked. Tina has the information about what bullying is (and is not) and the impact it has in 2016. She also has advice for parents, teachers and students on what to watch for and what to do if you suspect it’s happening in your community.

Also, back to school means getting your pencils, paper, notebooks and calculator.

For some Missouri families, it might also mean getting a lawyer. The fact is that school administrators and parents don’t always agree on what is best for the child’s education. There are also times when disagreements happen over what is fair discipline and what is not.

Maggie LaMore is an attorney with Legal Services of Eastern Missouri, one of the legal aid offices in the state. She explains why families might enlist a lawyer to work through conflicts in the public school.

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