Nov 08

The Ferguson Commission Report: A Free Market-Based Response

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – By the end of 2015, the Ferguson Commission will dissolve and its work will officially be done. That’s by design. The working group was appointed and funded by Governor Jay Nixon following the turmoil in Ferguson and other areas of St. Louis after the shooting death of Michael Brown by a police officer.

Efforts to make changes will continue after the Commission finishes its official duties. The Ferguson Commission Report is a series of recommendations to change laws and increase some government programs. While the discussion began with a focus on Ferguson, everyone in Missouri will be impacted in some way if State Lawmakers follow the suggestions. Supporters say the goal is to address the underlying tensions and issues that contributed to the protests that put Ferguson on worldwide television.

Dr. Rachel Douchant of Lindenwood University’s Liberty & Ethics Center (part of the Hammond Institute for Free Enterprise) explains why she feels there is a better response to healing communities – like Ferguson, MO – that have been damaged by unrest and violence.

She believes that an approach based on free markets and less regulation is a better option than one led by increased government through programs, laws and spending.

Also, Andrew Wilson from the Show Me Institute* responds to the policy recommendations in the Ferguson Commission Report.

NOTE: Multiple invitations have been extended to the Ferguson Commission to have a Commissioner appear on “Missouri Viewpoints” to speak in support of the Report. To date, the Commission has not scheduled a representative to be on the program.

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