Oct 11

The Impact of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan on Missouri

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – Will you breathe easier if new regulations make your electric bill go up?

The US Environmental Protection Agency is moving forward with increased regulations on power plant emissions. The “Clean Power Plan” is designed to reduce those emissions from US power plants over the next fifteen years and beyond.

Missouri is now on of the states challenging those rules.*

This week, we get two different perspectives on the impact of the Clean Power Plan on Missouri.

Ray McCarty¬†is the President of Associated Industries of Missouri. He believes the regulations are misguided, will harm Missouri’s (and America’s) economy and will result in very little change to the environment.

Heather Navarro is the Executive Director of the Missouri Coalition for the Environment. She believes the regulations are a step in the right direction and will, eventually, benefit the economy as well as the environment.

On the web:

Associated Industries of Missouri

Missouri Coalition for the Environment

  • Attorney General Chris Koster’s decision to join the challenge to the Clean Power Plan regulations was announced after these interviews were recorded.



Above: This week’s guests, Ray McCarty and Heather Navarro


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