Jan 24

The Missouri Budget Project and Americans for Prosperity Assess The Legislative Session (so far)

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – Just weeks into the 2016 Missouri Legislative Session, lawmakers, media and advocacy/activist groups are already hard at work.

What needs to change at the Capitol? What needs to change in the law?

Those answers depend on who’s being asked.

This week, former State Representative Mike Sutherland explains why he wants to see the Legislature expand Medicaid coverage. The offer, part of the Affordable Care Act (aka “ObamaCare”) has been on the table from the federal government for multiple years now. Sutherland is now the Policy Director for the Missouri Budget Project.

He also makes the case for Missouri joining a program that would collect taxes on all online purchases made by Missourians. He also suggests an additional tax credit for mainly low and middle-income Missouri families.

Rachel Payton is the Deputy State Director for Missouri’s branch of Americans for Prosperity. She’s against expanding Medicaid and explains why.

When it comes to transportation, Payton discusses why AFP-MO is not on board with the current proposal to increase the gas tax in the state and thinks there is a better way to come up with the money needed for our roads and infrastructure.

Tax policy is a priority for both organizations and they have very different ideas on what’s best for the state and for Missourians. Get both perspectives on this week’s program.

On the web:

Missouri Budget Project

Americans for Prosperity-MO


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