Apr 24

The Politics of Unions and Business in Missouri

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – Want to start an argument among Missouri politicos?

Just bring up unions, business issues and politics. That should get a pointed conversation started.

Many of the same debates of 105 are back and in full force in 2016: “paycheck protection” – or, if you oppose the bill, “paycheck deception”. “Right to Work” is another proposal that’s back and, this year, there’s a push to require regular elections so workers can decide if they want to keep their union representation.

Pat White (below, left) is President of the Greater St. Louis Labor Council (a major element of Missouri’s AFL-CIO) and John Wright is a Policy Analyst with the Show Me Institute*. They offer very different perspectives on what Missouri law should be when it comes to organized labor, especially unions in the public sector.

On the web:

Greater St. Louis Labor Council

Missouri AFL-CIO

Show Me Institute


* As a matter of disclosure: The Show Me Institute is among the sponsors of “Missouri Viewpoints”

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