Apr 04

Travel At Home in Missouri This Year

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – Old Man Winter has, hopefully, left town and Spring has sprung in Missouri.

While we shake off a few more cold mornings, we can look forward to summer. Believe it or not, the school year ends in about two months and that’s got many families considering options for weekend getaways and vacations.

When thinking of vacations, places like Florida and California often come to mind but a Missouri-based business hopes you’ll think about getting away closer to home.

In fact, Missouri Life magazine reaches thousands of readers every month with its pages full of stories and pictures of attractions, events, culture, history and innovation of the things that make Missouri, Missouri.

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Danita Wood points out that discovering a part of the Show Me State isn’t just less expensive than a cross-country vacation, tourists are also important to the state no matter where they come from.

MWSnap166“They [tourists] provide all kinds of jobs. Summer employment for kids, teenagers, but also year round employment in so many of these places. Tourism, you know, is the second most important industry here in the state.”

According to Missouri’s Department of Economic Development, tourism supports about 280,000 jobs and has an $11 billion annual impact on the state.

While popular destinations in Missouri include the major metropolitan areas of Kansas City and St. Louis, Wood points out that lesser-known attractions around the state offer unique experiences, foods and cultural impacts.

Of course, sometimes the best vacation is getting away from attractions altogether. The Great Outdoors is at its best in Missouri.

Float trips on the Missouri River, the Lake of the Ozarks, many camping and fishing sites and miles of hiking and biking trails offer ways to get away and get outside, often far less expensively than booking a hotel room and buying tickets to shows, museums and festivals.

That’s not just a subjective brag, Wood points out.

“The state was named the best trails state in the country for hiking, biking, horseback riding.”

That designation came last year from AmericanTrails.org.

The bottom line when it comes to your travel plans has an impact on other bottom lines. Your families and that of your destination. That’s why Wood and other Missouri advocates hope you’ll consider hitting the road, destined for somewhere within our own borders.

It’s good for your bottom line because you’ll likely save money and still get a fun trip and it’s good for Missouri’s local communities.

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