Aug 16

Veto Session Preview

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Joseph, MO) – We’re about a month away from the annual Legislative Veto Session and what happens there will likely impact the 2016 elections in addition to our state’s laws and economy now.MWSnap119

This week, Democratic State Representative Pat Conway and Republican State Representative Delus Johnson give us two perspectives on the “Right To Work” bill that passed the Legislature but was vetoed by Governor Jay Nixon. The number of votes for the bill were enough to get it through the Legislature but are not enough to override. Still, many supporters (mostly Republicans) believe there is a chance to make Missouri the nation’s next “Right To Work State”.

We also look ahead to what are likely to be among the top debates of 2016. Supporters of Medicaid expansion say they will try again after slowly gaining ground each of the last few years.

Rep. Conway discusses the effort to address renovation needs at the State Capitol building. The decisions being made today will impact what our great grandchildren experience during their field trips to Jefferson City decades into the future.MWSnap120

Rep. Johnson gives us his thoughts on the 2016 elections and where the momentum is with voters in the Show Me State. Can the GOP increase it’s veto proof majority in the Legislature and win some of the statewide offices? Johnson believes so and explains why.

Special thanks to FOX 26 KNPN & the St. Joseph News Press for hosting this week’s episode and providing the cameras, mics, lights and crew for this week!

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