Nov 16

What’s Next For Missouri? Assessing The Election Results & What It Will Mean In 2015

By Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – The proverbial dust has settled from the General Election. As is generally the case across the country, Republicans in Missouri have much to celebrate and Democrats have much to mourn, politically, at least.

Aside from the numbers of seats won and lost be each side, what will it mean to you?

This week, Missouri Republican Party Chairman Ed Martin offers his views on what the increase in Republicans to an already veto-proof majority State Legislature will mean for issues like taxes, education, Medicaid and economic development.MWSnap023

Coming from a different viewpoint, Lindenwood University professor, Joe Cernik, addresses the same issues. Cernik is the Chair of the Public Affairs Department.

Martin, for instance, explains why the proposal to expand Medicaid coverage in Missouri is unlikely to pass. He believes voters sent, at least in part, a message of being against the national health care law known commonly as “ObamaCare”. Cernik believes Democrats lost, in part, because they didn’t tout the law and it’s impact on Missourians – and Americans.

Martin makes a case for more tax cuts and spending cuts while Cernik says that approach hasn’t worked in neighboring Kansas.

* Cernik’s views are his own and may not necessarily reflect that of Lindenwood University.MWSnap024

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