Jun 14

What’s Next? Missouri Politics Update.

by Mike Ferguson

(St. Charles, MO) – The political debates that impact all our lives are not over. We’re just in between rounds.

This week, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder (R) and former Democratic State Representative Jeanette Mott Oxford, who is now the executive director of Empower Missouri, assess the work done in Jefferson City so far. They also discuss what they hope will happen, and will not happen, in the veto session.MWSnap101

Medicaid expansion supporters says there’s been progress in their efforts to convince Missouri lawmakers to add more people to the roles as part of the Affordable Care Act – typically known as “ObamaCare”. Progress or not, Kinder still thinks the proposal will not make it to the Governor’s desk even if it’s proposed again next year. Saying Medicaid expansion will crowd out funding for crucial state priorities, including education, the Lt. Governor is glad the Republican controlled Legislature is holding firm against expansion.

Mott Oxford disagrees and believes the state’s economy is being harmed by the refusal to expand the program.MWSnap102

The upcoming veto session will include another round of debate and possibly a vote on whether to override Governor Nixon’s veto of the “Right To Work” bill. That bill cleared both chambers of the Legislature for the first time in 2015 but not with the number of votes needed for an override. Kinder believes there is still a chance for a successful override. Mott does not and hopes the veto stands, saying the state should support unions.

The veto session takes place in September.

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Lt. Governor Peter Kinder:  http://ltgov.mo.gov/

Empower Missouri: http://empowermissouri.org/Wdp2014/


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